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We bake our own delicious bread fresh on-site every day, handmade from high quality ingredients. We offer a range of different types of bread and you are sure to find something you like. White, granary and rye are available daily. Sourdough isn’t available on Monday as we have to ferment some dough before baking to make it taste amazing!

Please remember, we are a small artisan bakery so we can only produce a limited quantity of handmade bread per day. It is very popular and sells quickly, so feel free to call us and we’ll put one by for you!

If you fancy something a little bit different then we can also bake special bread to order. We can add extra ingredients like dried fruit, jalapenos and chillis. Please email us at and we can discuss your special bread order!

A traditional white loaf baked with simple ingredients. Soft, light and tastes wonderful.
A flavoursome, malty load made from a blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour.
A dark, dense bread with a wonderful distinctive taste. A traditional bread among many European countries. If you have only tried the small loaves available in supermarkets give it another go! This bread is low in gluten so might suit you if you have an intolerance.
This bread has a unique mildly acidic, slightly sour taste and is absolutely delicious. This bread is renowned for being easy to digest. The fermentation process involved in making this bread breaks down gluten making it particularly suitable for those with an intolerance.